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About us

The whole journey started with our ancestors, who were native tribal speakers of Akhad language, which is related to the Pothwari language. Their main livelihood depended on British army officers and foreign explorers visiting the valley. They used to serve them as guides to the unexplored areas of our state like Gulmarg peaks, Tangmarg, Kunzar, Apharbat and other extreme peaks. Generations went on doing the same thing as the replacement kept taking place within the family. In today’s generation we are 6 cousins, out of which 4 are still in the same profession, the only difference now and then is that we have registered a business entitled under the name of Barida Tour and Travels, and we are catering not only in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh but also in Himachal and Uttarakhand. The venture started in year 2004 and is blooming in tourism industry by leaps and bounds. We try and provide best services to our clients, so that they have professional and personal everlasting memories of our state. We take care of all the transportation to hospitality, guidance to counseling. We have been organizing adventure tours, Stok Kangri trek, Chadar trek, Thajiwas trek, Alpathar trek. Additionally we organise Bike expeditions, river rafting, cycling, nature camping, skiing experiences. Many more ideas are in pipeline which will be added soon.

We operate in...

Ladakh 100%
Kashmir 100%
Himachal 75%
Jammu 60%

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